Started in 1986 as Fine Fair Engineering, carrying out installations for renowned brands such as Craig Nical, Boston, Arninox, Wica, Detroit, Norpe & Tasselli. Thename was later changed to South Pole Services, continuing installations for Norpe, Arneg & Tasselli. The familiarity with the above various brands helped us identify the ideal solutions needed for the diverse U.A.E. market. As a result, South Pole Refrigeration was established and has since gained a reputation in the U.A.E. for quality service in the design and execution of Supermarkets and Departmental Stores. Our specialization includes turn-key solutions for building Supermarkets, Hypermarkets, Departmental Stores, Convenient Stores, Pastelaria etc.

For Refrigerated Cabinets & Equipment:

  • M/s AHT Cooling of Austria
  • M/s Surfrigo Nord of Italy
  • M/s Euro’Cryor of Italy
  • M/s SCM Frigo of Italy
  • M/s Jordao Cooling Systems of Portugal
  • M/s Skope of New Zealand

For Shelving Equipment and accessories:

  • M/s Eden Industries of UK,
  • M/s Logika of Italy,
  • M/s Schoning of Germany

Incorporating the best solutions from the above suppliers, our designs are guaranteed to harmonize with the most obscure & elaborate plans, giving you, our customer, the fl exibility and assurance that you’re looking for.

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